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It's and time to start planning your next trip! Vacations are not only important, they are essential, so let our team of "Extra Effort Experts" help you connect with the best vacation itinerary possible. Each vacation locale offers a little something different for everyone. From mountain tops to bikini tops, from roller coasters to rolling coastline, Vacation Play is here to see that your vacation time is valued time.

We are pleased that you made the decision to consider VacationPlay.com for your next vacation! We are the leader in vacationing on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. In fact, we've traveled nearly 400,000 families on our wonderful promotional vacation packages! Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. If at anytime you have questions, please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives.

Featured Destination: Hilton Head Island, SC

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Buying a Timeshare Promotion Vacation
Tips for a Smooth Check-In
When booking a promotional vacation getaway, expectations are the number one reason for customer service concerns. Together, both guest and company, have a responsibility to one another to deliver what is promised and to uphold any obligations of the promotional vacation. Before you arrive, our team will quality-review your reservation and answer any last-minute questions you may have about your vacation with us.
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Reserving Hotel Accommodations
Your Accommodations
Guests traveling on a promotional timeshare package often ask what hotel they will be staying in. Typically, hotel accommodations are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis directly at the Welcome Center upon check-in to that resort destination. In some cases, guests may reserve a specific hotel location through their booking agent with a confirmed travel reservation. Our reservation team is to assure a comfortable stay.
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Vacation is Good for your health
Studies have shown that time spent relaxing during a vacation can provide a number of health benefits. Regular vacations can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease, burnout, and help you regain your emotional balance. Getting away on vacation has been proven to promote a positive mood, as well as refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body. Recent studies also show an increase in performance on the job when you return to the office after vacation.
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